Who am I?

Hey awesome person!
You may be wondering who am I and what is this blog about?

First things first, let me Thank You for stopping by on my blog.

Well, my name is Rajat Kumar Singh (a.k.a Pilgrim of Delhi). I am an engineering graduate from Delhi Technological University(Formerly Delhi College of Engineering), with a passion for Blogging, Photography, and traveling. I love cruising my motorcycle on the roads known and unknown.

So, What is Blogging Guide 101?

Blogging Guide 101 is a one-stop go-to resource for Profitable Blogging, SEO & Affiliate Marketing. I post Free Blogging tips, techniques & strategies for building & growing a blog. You can turn your Blog into a Money-Making Machine.

After Google New Panda Algorithm, blogging has become, so tough that you need some robust strategies which will work for you. Here you will find a multitude of resources and tutorials that will help you to improve your website content and performance.

If you are willing to put in that hard work and be consistent with your blog, i can most certainly say with high probability that you will earn a good amount of revenue.