15 Android Apps for Making Money & Cash for Free

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At present, there are roughly 3 Million apps available on Android Playstore. Can you comprehend that? It’s insane how much android has grown over time. A vast majority of these apps are free to use. But for some, you can use a limited functionality version and unlock more features by paying. Some apps require upfront payments, usually monthly subscriptions, or lifetime ownership. But how about an app that asks nothing from you and instead pays you in return? That’s right. There are Android apps for making money as well. They pay you for doing everyday mundane tasks such as watching tv, downloading apps, exercising, or taking photos.

You already spend a lot of hours on your smartphone, which is ideal for generating some extra bucks. Obviously, these apps are not meant to be a regular source of income, but they can make some free bucks for you.

So, if you think you would love to make real money on android apps, then check out this list containing 15 best ways to make money with Android phones.


Cointiply Android Apps for Making Money

Cointiply is a mico task website that lets you earn free Bitcoins(aka Bitcoin Faucet). It has a userbase of 1 Million and has paid out over $600,000. Cointiply is one of the most popular android apps for making money. Coinbtiply offers over 20 ways to earn free Bitcoin some of which are:

  • Play games
  • Install Apps
  • Taking Product surveys
  • View ads
  • Watch videos

Cointiply gives you a Satoshi (fraction of a Bitcoin) whenever you complete a task. You can Withdraw your Coins to Bitcoin wallet, or DogeCoin wallet.

Furthermore, you can convert your Bitcoin into hard cash using any Cryptocurreny platform such as:

  • WazirX (For India)
  • CoinBase (For Global audience)
  • Binance (For everything else)


Swagbucks Android Apps for Making Money

Swagbucks pays you to complete numerous tasks such as:

  • Answering questions,
  • Filling out surveys,
  • Viewing ads,
  • Watching videos
  • Playing games.

You will receive SB points for each completed task. These points can be converted into gift cards worth between $3 -$25. The gift cards can be redeemed on Walmart, Starbucks, Target, Amazon, and PayPal. It is available as a web app and also an android app names as “SB Answer – Surveys that Pay”. Swagbucks is also one of the most popular android apps for making money.


Playment Android Apps for Making Money

Playment is great android money making app. However, this app is available only to Indian citizens.

You can perform various tasks such as:

  • Complete surveys
  • View advertisements
  • Watch videos etc.

Signing up is easy and free of cost. However, for getting paid more than the others, you need to create an account using Facebook & verify your mobile number for


Moocash Android app for money

MooCash is by far offers one of the most unique ways to earn money with Android. This app lets you earn money simply by using the screen locker. The screen locker by MooCash rewards users for unlocking their mobile screen. All you have to do is just swipe left and claim an offer.

You will earn coins which can be redeemed into the cash via PayPal or Google Reward Card when you swipe to claim an offer. To affirm any offer, all you have to do is just download the promoted app or watch a short video.

The conversion ratio is something like 2000 coins for $2 via Paypal. You can also be paid in the form of gift cards for iTunes, Amazon, Google play, etc.

Google’s Opinion Rewards

Google Opinions rewards app for money

Google is an unbeatable company. It offers lots and lots of services. Hence it is constantly looking out for users’ opinions on a lot of things. Once you sign up for Opinion Rewards, Google provides you about 30 surveys weekly. You have to give your opinion, comprehensive insights, and review the companies and products on the survey. You can get paid as high as $2 for completing a survey.

However, there is a catch. The app pays you in Google Play reward points.  These points can be redeemed for downloading Android Apps, Music, Movies, Books, etc. from the Play store.  Therefore, you cannot really earn any real cash on this platform but can earn Play points to use on the play store itself. The major plus point of this app is that it is from Google. So, there aren’t any trust issues associated with it.


Pact app for Making Money

Did you know, you can earn money from keeping health goals? No, I am not crazy. The Pact app pays you to reach your own weekly health goals. It does not set any goals for you; you yourself are in charge of setting your goals. But, if you don’t achieve your goals, you must pay other users for achieving their goals. So, the app works if you set the goals based on your capacity and achieve them on time.

The great thing is that, Pact is available for both Android and iOS users.

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viggle app

Viggle pays you real cash for watching your favorite TV shows or listening to your favorite music. You can increase your points by answering polls and questions asked during the Viggle Live show. The rewards can be converted into gift cards which can be redeemed at a number of outlets.

Make Money – Free Cash App

Make Money android app – Free Cash App

Easily Make money is another android apps for making money. It has over 584k downloads on the Play store. The money-making methods are simple just like any other app. You can earn money by:

  • Watching videos
  • Testing new apps
  • Completing surveys
  • Testing services
  • Free trials

Users are paid via PayPal without any fee deduction.

Real Money Mobile Slot

You can also earn through real money slots. These applications include chances to play your favorite casino games ranging from slots to video poker, blackjack, etc. However, Google does not accept a lot of casino apps. Therefore, there’s a slight problem with finding these apps on Android. Howbeit, here’s a list of some android mobile slots for you:

  • Jackpot City
  • Ruby Fortune
  • Betway Casino
  • Gaming Clubs
  • Spin Casino etc.


Scoopshot android money making app

A smartphone is all you need to fetch you some money.  Scoopshot pays for taking photos at any event happening in your area. Scoopshot then sells these photos to media journalists and websites ranging from small to large scale media for their business purpose.

This is a great idea and presents a win-win situation for everyone. So, you should be ready anytime with this. You may never know when an opportunity presents itself. If you want, you can download the Android version here.

Poll Pay

Poll pay android money making app

Poll Pay rewards you to complete simple polls and surveys to help you earn. You can receive your rewards as either free PayPal Cash, a free voucher, or vouchers.

You can get the rewards you have earned by selecting any one of the options below:

  • PayPal credit
  • Xbox live Voucher
  • GooglePlay voucher
  • Amazon voucher

Math Cash – Solve and Earn Rewards

Math Cash android money making app

Ever heard of earning money while solving Math problems? Now you can!

Challenge different players all around the world, Beat the clock and become the highest and the fastest solver. You can get paid via PayPal when you reach a threshold amount.

Key highlights of Math Cash:
✔ Math Cash Duel. Solve from the provided set of 20 arithmetic expressions within a minute. To Beat your opponent solve as many expressions and as fast as you can. Just be the highest and the fastest solver.
✔Guess and Win. Just guess the secret number and earn points. It’s that simple.
✔ By doing Surveys and Tasks.
✔Earn commissions by referring your friends.

Current Music Screen

Current android money making app

This is as easy as it can get. All you have to do is just get the Current’s free music app & Earn money by listening to Music! Yes, Real Cash! Get paid to listen to music from a selection of 100,000+ radio stations with the world’s top songs!

You can earn money via different methods such as:

  • Listening to free music!
  • Complete Surveys!
  • Trying free apps and games
  • Watching short videos!

Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan android money making app

Roz Dhan is one of the best android apps for making money for Indian users. You will get Rs.50 for logging in the first time. You can withdraw cash to your Paytm account after checking-in for 3 consecutive days. Furthermore, you can invite your friends and earn Rs. 6 per invited friend. It is a trusted Indian app on the Android Playstore store and has been downloaded by more than 15 million users to date

You can get paid for:

  • Playing games
  • Completing survey questionnaires
  • Performing simple tasks
  • Installing apps

Loco: Play Games and Earn Money

Loco app

It is India’s first free app where you can play money earning games in your preferred language from- Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali and win money. The Loco gaming app offers a number of money-earning games that lets you earn while you learn. You have to answer a few general knowledge of niche questions.

For winning you will be awarded money that can be transferred to your Paytm wallet. The only drawback of Loco is that the game starts only at a specified time and is not available all throughout the day. To win money, you need to answer all the questions before the timer runs out. Also, there is a catch. Your Game will be over if you answer 1 question incorrectly.


I have tried to cover some of the major and easy techniques to earn using your Android phone. I hope you liked this list of android apps for making money. This also goes on to prove that it is quite possible to make some real money using your Android smartphones. If you would like to share any trick or technique, let me know in the comments.

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