How to Create A Free Blog On Blogspot & Make Money Using Google Adsense

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Looking to start a blog on Blogspot? Awesome! You are at the right place. In 2020, having a blog is a great thing. There are primarily a few reasons why I think like that:

  • You are free to share any content that you want, provided, you are complying with the guidelines of the platform.
  • Your blog can be a source of decent income for you.
  • It’s in trend. That’s right! I know there are about a billion blogs out there but still, you can achieve good growth if you work smartly.

With everything getting digitalized, there still a lot of growth that can be achieved in this field. An ever-growing population is now looking for ways to make money online. For the majority of people, the most obvious and easiest way to make money online is through blogs. Unlike other fields, you don’t need any technical knowledge for blogging. All you have to do is just create a blog, write good content, and get some traffic.

Blogging has always stood the test of time and is a proven way to make money. There are innumerable blogs that are making millions through blogging. If you want to make the most out of your free time, blogging is a great way to do that. So if you have made up your mind for blogging and are looking for ways to create a free blog, this detailed guide is for you.

I usually suggest creating a blog using your own domain and hosting, and by using content management systems such as However, many newbies who want to enter the blogging scene, don’t want to make an initial investment in creating a blog. But hey! this is completely reasonable too.

There are many blogging platforms that offer the service to create blogs for free. The best of which are and Once you gain enough blogging experience, you can switch over to a self-hosted WordPress blog.

If you are looking for ways to start a free blog, I most certainly recommend you consider using BlogSpot/Blogger. It’s easy to set up and you start making money through AdSense.

Side noteThis post is dedicated to the “beginners” who are new to blogging and would like to get started by learning the basics involved in the process.

A couple of things that you should know before starting the tutorial:

  • BlogSpot and allow you to create a free blog, but they do have limitations. However, as I mentioned above, for a beginner it is a great way to learn how to create a blog and manage a blog.
  • BlogSpot is powered by Google.  It provides you an opportunity to start a free blog. However, all your images will be hosted by Picasa (another platform owned by Google). Thus, in this sense, BlogSpot is a Google-centric blogging platform.
  • If your prime goal is to have a blog that is professional in appearance and make money through it, I would recommend that you create your self hosted blog using It’s easy, and with the help of my free guide, you can create your blog in the next 30 minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions before creating a blog on blogspot:

Blog on blogspot

Q.1:  Do I have to pay anything to start a BlogSpot blog?

NOT a single Penny. Yes, you don’t have to pay even a penny to start a blog on Blogspot. All you required to have is just an email address to sign up with and start creating a blog on It’s that basic.

Q.2:  Can I use AdSense on blogspot blogs?

Most definitely. You can make money via Google AdSense from Blogspot blogs. Blogger platform allows you to create blogs, and at the same time, it also provides an inbuilt feature to monetize your blogs through Google AdSense.

Q.3:  What can I do to make my Blog appealing to the readers?

There are plenty of blog templates available for Blogspot blogs. The best thing is that you can use most of them for free. However, you do need to pay a few bucks if you want to get the premium blog templates.

If you are just starting out, you don’t need to buy anything premium. Just go with the free blog templates.  You can find some great looking themes in Free templates. This will save you some bucks!

Q.4: How to get Traffic to my Blogspot blog?

The first and foremost step to get more traffic, links, and shares on your blog posts, is to follow the authority bloggers in your niche. You can share their content with your followers and focus on increasing your social media presence. This will increase your blog exposure.

I cannot stress enough the importance of exposure for your BlogSpot blog. It can make or break your blog and ultimately your blogging success. Start engaging with readers on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Q.5: What’s the difference between a blogspot blog and blog?

Both of these are free blogging platforms where you can start a blog without spending a single penny. However, they both offer different features.

On Blogger, your blog is actually owned by Blogspot.  So, you don’t get full control over your free Blogspot blog. It is fully maintained and controlled by Blogger – the domain, hosting everything. Customization functionality related to SEO or appearance is limited as compared to WordPress.

Whereas, WordPress is an open-source platform that means you own your blog. You yourself are responsible for managing your blog. It is easier to customize and offers a variety of customization functionality.

Q.6:  How to get more visitors to my blogspot blog in 2020 and beyond?

Getting traffic to any blog (whether it’s a Blogspot blog, WordPress blog, or a self-hosted site) requires the following things:

  • Comprehensive and useful content. (Articles with 2000+ words rank well on Google and receive more shares on social media)
  • Consistency in your blog posting frequency. (Google loves fresh and updated content. It gives top rankings to those sites which post consistently)
  • Proper On-page and Off-Page SEO (Keyword research, Content formatting, Backlinks, etc.)
  • It usually takes at least 6 months to a year depending upon your content and efforts to start getting traffic from search engines like Google to your blog. So you should focus on your consistency and not stop posting midway.

Now that we have cleared the hurdles of FAQs, let’s dive right into the main stuff. Let’s see our step-by-step guide for creating a Free Blog on BlogSpot.

How to Create a Free Blog on BlogSpot?

How to start a free blog on Blogspot

Creating a free Blog on BlogSpot is pretty easy. I’ll give you a few easy instructions and all you have to do is just replicate them.

Quick note: You need a Gmail account to make the process smooth. If you don’t have a Gmail account, you can create one for free Here.

Step 1: Sign up for

sign up for blogger

To create your free BlogSpot blog site, head over to and click on “Create Your Blog”.

blogger theme

It will take you to a login page where you are supposed to login using your Google account.  Just login and it will redirect you to a page where you are supposed to choose a name for your blog.

Step 2: Name your blog

name your blog

The first thing you need to do is Select a name and address for your domain. 

create a new blog

Use some domain name that you can brand later with a custom domain and for that, you’ll have to check the availability beforehand. After selecting the domain,  enter a display name for yourself.

create blog address

Use the Title box to enter the title by which you want your blog to be referred to as. Select a domain address, preferably a short and easy to remember one. If it’s already taken, you will see an error message that the domain is not available. Make sure to come up with a unique address that may be available.

blogger display name

After that, It will automatically take you to admin dashboard which looks something like the image below:

blogger post page

That’s it! You have successfully created a blog on Blogspot in under a minute. Congratulations on that.

Let’s move on to the customization part.

Step 3: Change Theme and Make few Customizatrions

change theme and customize

In the admin dashboard, you can see the bar on the left. It contains various options to customize and manage your blog.

legacy blogger

So, let’s move on to changing your new blog’s theme as the default one is generic and boring. For doing this, you can go to the admin dashboard and select any theme of your choice from the available options.

Blogger themes

Then you can move on to changing your Blog’s layout if you don’t like the default one. To do this, just go to the admin dashboard again and click on “Layout”.  It will take you to a window like this one:

blogger layout settings

You can change and modify the layout as per your convenience. You can also add a logo to the header of your BlogSpot blog from here.

Take care to add a few basic pages to your blog. These pages can be:

  • About
  • Contact
  • Disclaimer
  • Terms of Service etc.

These basic pages provide information about your blog and how do you provide services etc. It is recommended that you go to “Pages” and create at least one “About” page describing who you are and what your blog is about.

If you need to change any setting on your new BlogSpot blog, you can always use the settings option. From the admin dashboard, go to “Settings” where you make important changes to improve your blog. Here you will see a screen like the one below.

blogger settings

You can make changes to your settings, if you don’t understand anything, then just leave them on Default.

Step 4: Start creating new blog posts

blogger create new posts

If you have reached this part, kudos to you. Keep going on, don’t stop. To create a new blog post, click the button “+” icon on the bottom right side of the admin dashboard.

post page

Enter your title in and start writing your content in the body part. When you finish writing, click Publish.

post options

Congratulations! You just published your first post on your BlogSpot blog!

Step 5: Monetize with Google Adsense

monetize with google adsense

Once you have a few blog posts up and running, you can go to the “Earnings” section. If you aren’t eligible for AdSense, it will show a message on the screen.

google adsense earnings

So, once you start getting a decent amount of traffic to your Blogspot blog, you can apply for Adsense and start making money. However, it is a tough task to get AdSense approved. Therefore, do not apply for AdSense until and unless you have published at least 30-40 articles and bring about a few thousands of unique visits monthly. If you apply for AdSense without any traffic or content, you’ll keep getting rejected time and again.

Blueprint after creating your New Blog on BlogSpot

Start creating SEO friendly content

If you want to generate more income from AdSense using your Blogspot blog, you need to bring good traffic be it from social media or search engines. More the traffic, more the revenue. That’s a directly proportional relation you have. Also, if more people are coming from the search engines to your blog, then Google will definitely push your blog rankings. Hence, more boost in traffic.  

Unfortunately, increasing search traffic to any blog or website is not an easy task. If you are a beginner to SEO, you’ll have a tough time pushing your way to the search engine rankings page. You will have to learn everything related to SEO on your own. And then start implementing effective SEO strategies to boost your organic traffic.

If you a beginner, I personally recommend you to focus on creating quality content that is SEO friendly.

seo optimized content

Few tips to write SEO friendly blog posts and Improve On-Page SEO:

  • Focus on internal linking. Make it a thumb rule, whenever you write new posts, link to the previous posts. This will increase the search crawlability, hence increasing the search visibility of your blog. This technique also keeps a reader engaged on your site since he keeps reading one article after another, thereby increasing the time spent on site. This in turn tells Google that people are spending more time on your site, hence it thinks that there is something of good quality on your site. Thereby, increasing your rank and the traffic to your blog. This is a big loop, just see them as dependent functions.
  • Don’t write beyond 70 characters in your blog post titles. It won’t show up in the search results. Make sure to use short, descriptive, and attention-grabbing headlines.
  • Always focus on user experience first, then later optimize for search engines. Don’t use the same keywords repeatedly as it leads to keyword stuffing. The search engines will think that you have over-optimized your article for bots. Hence, your blog may end up getting penalized too.
  • Don’t use too much javascript or CSS elements on your blog as it will slow down it’s loading speed. Google always prefers the sites which load faster. Try to get your Blog to load within 3 seconds. If your site takes more than 5 seconds to load, your bounce rate may increase by 70-80%. Hence, the majority of users won’t want to visit your site.

Focus on getting AdSense approval

Like I said, once you start creating good and relevant content that generates good traffic, it’s time for you to focus on getting your Google AdSense approved. Money is the prime reason why the majority of bloggers start a blog.

I personally recommend you to wait around 5 to 6 months before applying for Adsense. The reason behind this is that roughly it takes around 5-6 months to get some decent traffic on a blog. Without any traffic, Google will reject your AdSense request upfront.

Even if you make one post a day, that would be around 150 articles in 5 months. If they are all optimized well for search engines, you will definitely see a good jump in your traffic. Even if you get 100+ well-optimized articles on your blog, that’s pretty much sufficient to get your Adsense approved.

Increase your Adsense earnings

Once your AdSense account gets approved, you can figure out ways to increase your earnings from AdSense. As a beginner, it may seem difficult for you to increase your AdSense income but over time you will understand how it all works.

You can also read AdSense related blogs to build up your knowledge base. They provide plenty of useful information. Anything as basic as the ad placement is critical to affecting the revenue. Learning the correct positions to place AdSense ads may significantly increase the clicks on your ads.

5 Essential SEO tips for blogspot blogs

essential seo tips

Now that you have created your awesome blog and learned all about Adsense, let’s head over to some important SEO stuff. You may have already understood about SEO and it’s importance, let’s dive into some more details. Shall we?

1. Give top priority to on-page SEO

If you want to increase traffic on your Blogspot blog or any blog per se, you must ensure that you are doing proper On-page optimization aka On-page SEO. You might be wondering, what is this On-page SEO?

On-page SEO includes the following things:

  • Using your primary keyword(s) on title tags
  • Image Alternate text
  • Internal linking
  • Heading and Subheadings – H2, H3, H4, etc.
  • And Overall body content

All this stuff combined together forms On-page SEO. It ensures that your content is properly optimized for specific keywords and you can increase its search engine visibility.

2. Find keywords before you write anything

Keyword research is the prime factor that determines the traffic to your blog. You can use SEO tools such as SEMrush to find out the best performing keywords in your niche. SEMrush is a paid tool but it is highly powerful. You may reverse engineer your competitors with it and outrank them on Google. As an alternative, you can also use free tools such as Google Trends, Google keyword planner, Ubersuggest, etc.

For beginners, targeting long tail keywords is important. These keywords have low competition and low traffic. You have write a properly optmized content on these, you are more likely to rank on Search engines. Ultiamtely, this will drive more traffic to your blog. For instance, “Blog” is a short tail keyword and it’s so common that it’s almost impossible to rank for that keyword because of very high competition. But “How to make a blog and make money from it” or “how to create a free blog” are long tail keywords with relatively low competition and low volume of traffic. So, you will be able to rank for them faster, sometimes, without even any backlinks.


3. Getting Backlinks is the key to organic traffic

Link building aka backlinks is the most effective way to increase your search traffic. Although link building is hard for most beginners, there are plenty of ways to build backlinks.

You can use techniques such as Guest posting, Skyscraper technique, Broken-link building method, Backlinks through infographics, Blogger outreach, Testimonials,  etc. to get linkbacks from other blogs. The more you focus on building links, the more exposure your blog will receive. Search engines such as Google or Bing, give top priority to the sites that have more backlinks. They think that the content on a blog must be good, that’s why so many people are linking to it.

4. Never publish duplicate content

A large fraction of beginner bloggers publish copied content on their Blogspot blogs. The main motive behind this copy-paste job is to get fast blog traffic without much hard work. But Google is the master of everyone. It’s algorithms identify the plagiarised content and penalize accordingly. It also penalizes your search rankings and sometimes even delete your blog for not following the content policies. So never post duplicate content on your blog. Put in some time to research and then craft your content accordingly. If you need, you can always take reference from other blogs in the same niche but never copy-paste content directly.

5. Optimize images for search engines

Images not only make your content comprehensive and understandable but also help you in increasing your traffic from “Google image search”. Use as many attractive images as you can, create depth in your articles. This will not only help users but will ultimately lead to more traffic.

Whenever you want to use images on your BlogSpot blog, never use copyrighted images. Don’t use random images from Google search results as this may lead to rejection of your AdSense application. If you want, you can always use royalty-free images from sites such as or Also, if you want to create your own images from quotes etc. you can always use free sites such as or

Final thoughts on starting a free blog on BlogSpot

I vividly remember the time I created my first blog using Blogspot. Well, that was around 10 years ago. I still think that Blogspot is one of the best ways to begin your blogging journey. Blogspot will act as an elementary step for you in learning technical vocabulary related to blogging such as SEO, themes, plugins, customizations, backlinks, CPC, keywords, etc.

Once you get acquainted with blogging and stuff, you can migrate to a self-hosted platform and expand your monetization strategies. A custom self-hosted website will encompass an endless amount of earning opportunities for you.

With this, I conclude my article. I hope this detailed guide not only helps you in starting your own blog on Blogspot but also, your money-making journey through blogging.

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