Medium Blogging: Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Blog On Medium

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We all want our content to reach as many people on the internet as it can. Isn’t it? One thing that always bugs me out is that sometimes your content doesn’t get as much exposure as it should. No matter how many followers you have on social media or how much traffic your website receives every month, that one post doesn’t perform as it should. Still, no clue what Medium blogging is all about and why you should publish your blog on Medium?

Your loyal audience will read your content, sure. But, you must realize that, while feeding great content to your existing audience is important, your existing audience base is limited.

Your present audience base is a tiny fraction of all the people out there. There is a much larger audience who has yet to even hear about you or the great stuff you’re sharing.

So if you feel like capturing this vast amount of audience that can make your business, Medium can definitely help you.

What is Medium Blogging Platform all about?

Medium Blogging

Founded in 2012 by Evan Williams and Biz Stone, Medium endorses itself as the place where “everyone has a story to share and the best ones are delivered right to you.”

You can think of Medium as Twitter but for long-form of content. Also, it has an algorithmic timeline that tells you what stories you’re going to be interested in.

I’ve been on and off Medium for more than 2 years now and have discovered that it has great potential.

If you haven’t tried Medium yet, then you should Asap! I’ll supplement my statement with this great list of benefits that I am revealing below.

Let’s see each benefit in depth now!

1. Medium Has A Great Import Tool

You don’t have to publish content directly on Medium or give up your current website. Medium gives you the ability to import your content from any place on the web and re-publish it on their platform. That’s right! If you have a blog content or a website, be it free hosted or self-hosted, Medium can import it. All you have to do is click on the “Import a story” option.

Medium Blogging stories
Medium import tool
medium story import

You won’t receive any penalty for duplicate content by this. Syndicating the content is different than duplicating the content.

After you’ve imported it, you can make changes to it before publishing it. Change your title, add or replace the images, and play with the formatting until you’re ready to publish it.

Moreover, at the bottom of your imported post, Medium adds a line stating, where, and when the post was originally published. It also provides a backlink to the original post. This is just a No-Follow backlink but you shouldn’t worry about it. You are just looking for a new audience for your blog. So, Medium blogging provides you with that.

2. Take Your Audience With You

If you already have a good social media presence, you would want to stay connected with them in every way possible. Medium allows you to do just that. You can connect your Medium profile to your Twitter and Facebook handles. This will automatically connect you with your followers who are already on Medium! They’ll then start seeing all your stuff on Medium. In short, you can have a built-in audience with no effort on your part, provided you have some social media presence! That’s already a great start.

Medium Blogging connections

Linking your Medium account to social media pages also allows other people to discover you.  Since Medium has a great domain authority and great SEO, your content is easily discovered on Facebook and Twitter.

Tip: Advance your hashtag game by using specific hashtags to self-promote yourself and make it easier to be grouped according to a niche topic.

While you gain new Medium followers from social media, you can also get more social media followers from Medium. That’s a profitable loop. You can drop your social media links at the end of every post and gain new followers. More the exposure on your content, the more followers you will gain. That’s some easy Maths!

3. Engagement Metrics/Analytics

Medium provides the capability to look at how your own content is performing. You can check out the various metrics of each post. How many people have viewed it, how many read it to the very end, and even the average time each reader spent on the article. The average reading time is pretty amazing, usually between 7 and 11 minutes.

Medium Blogging stats

Data points available on Medium:

Views vs. Reads: Views are the number of visitors who clicked on a story’s page i.e. people who have just visited your story. Whereas Reads tell you an estimate of how many viewers have read the entire story.

Fans: Fans represent the number of unique users that clapped for any given story.

Referrers Click on the “Referrers” option under each individual post title to open another screen with information on traffic for that post.

From this data, you can get a pretty good idea of the response and sentiment of an article’s performance. You can use this information to compare content against each other. This feature is activated by default and you cannot turn it off. All you have to do is just click on your user icon and navigate to Stats. That’s it! This functionality is a great advantage of Medium blogging.

Engagement on Medium is much better than on Twitter or Instagram. You could get millions of impressions on Twitter or tens of thousands of views on Instagram but only 100 actual clicks/comments on your content. That’s because those sites get flooded with loads of new content every minute. There are roughly 500 Million tweets each day, which is about 6,000 new tweets per second. The lifespan of each tweet is typically less than 18 minutes, as per Moz. So, ultimately, your content doesn’t get that much attention and ends up being read by a few.

However, on Medium, the “Best content” is rewarded by being on top. If you post something that’s unique, interesting, or highly useful, your content might end up making a strong impact on Medium.

4. You’ll Reach A New Audience

The key highlight of Medium is that it comes with an audience! There are about 85-100 Million monthly readers on the platform(Unofficial record since Medium does not publish user stats). You have a great opportunity to convert some of it’s readers into your own blog audience. Medium’s algorithmic timeline will open your content to a different audience that otherwise never would have heard of you. Essentially, Medium helps create a new audience for you, regardless of whether you already have a big audience. (Your audience could always be bigger, right?)

The key is getting people to recommend your content, so that it can ultimately receive more claps. On Medium, it’s all about Claps. More the number of claps, more is the probability that it will show up in other peoples’ timelines, including those people who don’t know you yet.

If you can get 300+ claps within 24 hours timeframe, you will likely end up being one of the top stories of the day. Those top stories get featured prominently on the website and in the app.

In addition, Medium sends out a personalized email digest to users which in turn generates more traffic to your posts.

So, the key is to get people to click on the ‘Claps’ icon for your story and subsequently recommend it to other people. The more claps you get, the better rank you will achieve, and the more will be your visibility.

The exposure is immense if you’re able to write a story of the day. This is how your audience keeps growing on Medium! Creativity, consistency, well-crafted & useful content.

5. Get Discovered By Big Publishers

Yes, a lot of big publishers are hanging out on Medium. Many large publishers no longer accept direct applications from authors. They’re tired of being inundated with terrible pitches. So, it’s a “Don’t call us, we’ll call you” situation.

However, publishers are still finding and adding new contributors to their sites. How? By scouting for popular authors on Medium.

As long as you are consistently publishing great content, have talent and creativity, you’re more likely to attract the interest of big publishers. Imagine if Forbes, Business Insider, Huffington Post, New York Observer, etc. ask you to syndicate one of your posts – or even ask you to become a regular contributor. How great would that be?

However, this shouldn’t be your prime reason for Medium blogging. But creating content with this in mind could be a strong motivating factor in keeping your stories aligned with the quality standards of the industry.

Recruiters are constatly seaching for popular content because it’s proven that audiences connect to those stories. They’re reading articles of the day and recording audience’s response. From this, it’s fairly easy to conclude whether you will be a good addition to their publications or not.

6. Medium has NO API

Medium has no API. Although APIs are essential in some ways but they also sometimes ruin social networks. A whopping 99.9% of spam (like tweeting garbage content , fake followers, fake likes and people scheduling etc.) is due to aggressive API usage. The lack of an API makes things smooth by reducing the amount of noise (and stress). It’s clean and authentic. You will be able to have a real sense of how your content is doing. This is an insight that you may not be able to get on other platforms.

Unlike on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram (which are ridiculously noisy), the signal to noise ratio on Medium is pretty good. This is why great content receives organic boost and individual writers get their content published anytime, anywhere.

7. Certain Niches Perform Really Well

Medium blogging isn’t the right choice for everybody. However, certain niches have great, established audiences.

Here is a list of Top 20 Niches that perform really well on Medium.

  • Startup (301,000 followers)
  • Life (255,000 followers)
  • Politics (239,000 followers)
  • Life Lessons (227,000 followers)
  • Travel (211,000 followers)
  • Entrepreneurship (205,000 followers)
  • Poetry (194,000 followers)
  • Health (187,000 followers)
  • Education (185,000 followers)
  • Love (170,000 followers)
  • Design (169,000 followers)
  • Music (160,000 followers)
  • Writing (149,000 followers)
  • Technology (143,000 followers)
  • Business (135,000 followers)
  • Self Improvement (134,000 followers)
  • Social Media (130,000 followers)
  • Sports (118,000 followers)
  • Food (98,000 followers)
  • Art (94,000 followers)

8. Generate New Social Media Followers for Free

Like you already read above, Facebook and Twitter are important for growing your Medium account initially. But afterwards, when your content on Medium gets exposure, it starts helping you generate new Facebook and Twitter followers. So, it acts like a loop. First you feed it, then it works for you. This is another plus point of using Medium. You can get followers for your all social media handles using your syndication posts. An added advantage, I must say.

You can add an “About the Author” section at the end of each post and drop all your social links including your personal blog.

9. Run Your Own Publication

Medium Blogging publications

To gain more exposure, you can also start your own Medium publication. So even if people aren’t following you individually, they will start following your publication. This will increase the probability of your content exposure. Quite a few brands have actually given up on traditional blogs and now just publish on Medium.

10. Minimal Effort!

This is crazy. You can gain an impressive amount of traction by republishing your existing content with minimal effort. Nothing new or original required!

Hopefully, this helps you understand the awesome power of publishing and syndicating content on Medium, especially for your personal brand.

Final thoughts

Are you looking for a larger audience or a platform where your voice can really be heard? If you’re willing to put in the work and a little TLC, Medium blogging could help you turn things around. You have all the tools to build a solid presence, and those tools paired with compelling topics will get you a long way.

There’s a lot for you to love about Medium. So what are you waiting for?

Do you have any tales to tell about your experience of Medium Blogging? Who are your favorite budding writers? Let us know in the comments!

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