What is a WordPress Theme?

What is a WordPress Theme

If you are new to WordPress CMS, you may be wondering as to what is a WordPress theme? A WordPress theme is a group of templates and stylesheets used to define the looks and layout of a WordPress website. A Theme is a collection of files that work together to produce a graphical interface for a website. This collection of files is called template files.

A Theme modifies the way in which the site is displayed, without modifying the underlying functioning. Themes may include custom-made template files, image files, stylesheets (.css), custom Pages, as well as any essential code files (*.php).

Default WordPress Theme

WordPress at present comes with three default themes:

A WordPress theme gives all the front end styling of a WordPress website. Most WordPress themes provide:

  • Overall design or style of your web site
  • Typography or Font styling
  • Colors of components
  • Widgets locations
  • Layouts for blog posts and archives
  • Additional custom styles

Themes may be modified, managed, and added from the WordPress admin dashboard. Just go to Appearance » Themes. There you’ll find the choice to add a new theme manually or download from the WordPress repository. There are loads of free and paid WordPress themes available. WordPress.org has a large repository of free themes in their Themes Directory.

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Each one comes with a distinct design, layout, and features. The user needs to decide on the one that fits their style and necessities for their website. Some WordPress themes are specifically designed to serve a particular type of web sites, e.g. WordPress Photography Themes are designed for photographers and photography websites, Travel related themes are helpful for Travel bloggers.

Themes may be modified by including plugins or by including code to the functions.php file. Changes may also be made in the form of a child theme. Although, the newbies are never suggested to do so since it could possibly break their website. Themes usually consist of three components along with photos and JavaScript files.

Components of a WordPress Theme

The three components of a WordPress theme are:

  • Style.css file
  • WordPress template files
  • An optional functions.php file (that will allow modifications to be made to the theme)

Every theme should have a different style.css file. This doesn’t imply that the styles can’t be identical. If it’s not a child theme, then it additionally must have at least an index.php template file to manage the display of content.

The WordPress Theme Directory is the official website for WordPress Themes. Every theme in this directory is reviewed by a devoted group and tested against a wide range of rules, all of that is ensuring a secure and pleasant experience for theme users.

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Among almost 7800+ themes in the directory, you’ll be able to simply find the right one for your website with advanced search function using filters for layout, subject, and particular theme’s features.

Free vs Paid WordPress Theme

Just like WordPress plugins, you can choose from over a thousand free themes from the WordPress theme directory or shell out some money to buy a premium, or paid themes like GeneratePress or Astra.

There are plenty of advantages of a premium theme, the most useful being a great security. Premium themes often have a dependable codebase and the developers provide help if something goes wrong.

Pro Tip: It is not advisable to use a Nulled/Cracked WordPress Premium theme. A nulled theme may introduce malware in your site and may make your website vulnerable to hackers.

Some premium themes, like Builder, function more like web design software, allowing you to design and build your own theme designs and page layouts.

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